FCR Management Team

Dr. Valerie Spiva Collins, Director of Friends

At FCR, we value people and are thankful for such a dedicated, hard working and experienced leadership team. Our team is based in Durham, NC.


Dr. Valerie Spiva Collins is the Director of the FRIENDS National Center for Community Based Child Abuse Prevention, a program of FCR. Valerie joined FRIENDS in January 2010 as the Training and Technical Assistance Supervisor working with the T/TA team in developing and providing on-site and distance services to CBCAP State Lead Agencies and others interested in child abuse prevention. Immediately prior to joining FRIENDS, Valerie was the Branch Head for Injury and Violence Prevention with the NC Division of Public Health. She has worked for 35 years with children, youth, and families.

Dr. Spiva Collins has a Bachelor’s Degree in Art and a Master’s in Health Science Education, both from James Madison University, and a Doctorate in Health Science from Nova Southeastern University’s School of Allied Health and Nursing.